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Photos from the 2019 Miss Fisher Con

This year, we had two photographers to document the con: Tanya Anguita of FrogSong Photography and Angelica Jackson. (We also have wonderful pics from Adventuresses' Club members.) 

Tanya and Angelica have also created websites where you can purchase prints of your favorite photos - both of them were kind enough to donate their services, so we hope you'll support them if you can!

Take a look at some of their great shots!

The 2019 Miss Fisher Con was held in San Jose, California, at the Westin San Jose. The hotel itself was gorgeous, and featured beautiful period details (including an antique letterbox that had pipes that could be seen on every floor!). || Photo credits, this row: Angelica Jackson

Attendees of Thursday evening's welcome reception filled the beautiful atrium with color, feathers, and plenty of sparkle. We had some folks dressed in swag from our Redbubble store, some paying homage to Peregrine Fisher in 1960s finery, and plenty who chose to go full 20s in beads, feathers, and hats. Phryne would agree that it was an excellent kickoff for the main event! || Photo credits below, clockwise from top left: Angelica Jackson, Angelica Jackson, Tanya Anguita of FrogSong Photography, Angelica Jackson

Our attendees brought their A game throughout the con - many dressed in costume all weekend, but some didn't - it was lovely to get to meet so many new fans (and reconnect with some that we hadn't seen since last year's con)! || Photo credits below,left to right: Angelica Jackson, Angelica Jackson, ACotA

The 2019 con committee (and our special guest, Greg J Walker) snuck away from the hubbub to pose for photos in the Westin's lobby - a place where you could find Miss Fisher fans congregating most evenings. Thank you all for your hard work - now onward to 2020! || Back row, from left: Cara Pettite, Bianca McCarthy (president), Greg J Walker, Cybele Baker; front row, from left: Marti Acker, Sophie Cohen, Sarah Thompson (secretary), Jeneen Preciose (vice president), Jennifer Aldrich (con committee chair), Kirsten Comandich (treasurer) || photo credit: Tanya Anguita of FrogSong Photography

Sessions ranged from poisons to psychoanalyzing Phryne, and our speakers were dynamic and fun!

Photo credit above: Tanya Anguita of FrogSong Photography; all others this section, ACotA

Our very own president of the Adventuresses' Club taught a beginner's session on bellydance (aka barefoot dancing).

Phryne would've been proud: We learned the history of the Hispano-Suiza - and our speaker even brought an antique hood ornament to show us. 

The lovely and super talented Greg J Walker joined us for an interview, and he gave us a glimpse into how he works on the show, and how different it was working on the movie. He played us some of the music from the series (and gave us a sneak peak of what we'll hear in the upcoming movie). After his session, he stayed to sign autographs and talk to the fans. || Photo credit, left to right: Tanya Anguita of FrogSong Photography, ACotA

Photo credit, clockwise from left: ACotA, Angelica Jackson, Angelica Jackson, Angelica Jackson


The charming hosts of the Every Lady Needs a Hobby podcast interviewed Lynn Reed, an associate producer on Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears. Sadly, Lynn was not willing to tell us everything we wanted to know, but she was able to share some less-specific insights that had us all spellbound. || Photo credits, from left: Angelica Jackson, ACotA

Our Friday night masquerade saw Phrynes, Jacks, even Mr. B, ready to serve up some cocktails at the beach! The costumes ranged from simple to complex, handmade to store-bought, but they were all fantastic! Want to see more? || All photos this row, credit: Tanya Anguita of FrogSong Photography

On Saturday night, our attendees attempted to solve a mystery, the Curse of the Black Scarab, which was put on by League of 13 Entertainment. This immersive event was held at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum - there were puzzles galore, and lots of team play. || All photos this row, credit: Tanya Anguita of FrogSong Photography

This year's vendors had hats, jewelry for all budgets, handmade and recreated clothing, soaps and scents, and even antiques, including pieces of china in the pattern Phryne uses. The shopping weather was good, is what I'm saying. || Photo credits: top row, Tanya Anguita of FrogSong Photography; bottom row, Angelica Jackson

Once again, we held a maker session, where our attendees were able to decorate their own hats and headbands. The attendees' creations were extraordinary, just like they are! || Photo credits, this row: Tanya Anguita of FrogSong Photography

We are beyond pleased with how well the 2019 con went off - this fan community just keeps growing, and it is our privilege to help build it. The ACotA board hopes that we'll see a lot of you at the con in 2020. We couldn't do this without your support, and we hope that you get as much out of it as we do! || Photo credits, clockwise from top left: Tanya Anguita of FrogSong Photography, Tanya Anguita of FrogSong Photography, ACotA


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