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Photos from Miss Fisher Con 2017

The first Miss Fisher Con was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in May 2017. Until we saw all of the fans come flooding in - well, there were 60 people, which sure felt like a flood at the time - the Adventuresses' Club couldn't really believe that it was happening. But happen it did, and what memories! This is the best fandom, and for all of you who joined us in Las Vegas and all of you who've joined us since or hope to join us one day, we are grateful. 

Thursday night reception

We started the con as strangers who only had one thing in common - a love of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - but by the end of that night, we'd all become friends. It didn't hurt that Travis McMahon and Anthony Sharpe, our VIP guests, decided to join in! 


With two full days of sessions that included the live recording of the Miss Fisher Philes podcast and a discussion of the history of makeup in the time of the show, our agenda was robust! We heard about the evolution of fashion, writing and critiquing fanfiction, and had a rewatch in the company of Travis McMahon and Anthony Sharpe - which was quite a treat. (They might know that we're pretty big fans now.)

Travis and Anthony were kind enough to sit and sign autographs for all of the con-goers, and they did it with great good humor and wide smiles. Thank you for coming to join us, gentlemen - you were a delight!


Our distinguished judges, from left: Anthony Sharpe, Travis McMahon, Zelda Gilbert, and Gabriela Vasquez.

We came together for dinner and a show - a parade of wonderful costumes, Phrynes and Dots and Jacks, oh my! Mr. Butler stole the show when he accessorized with a tray and tended to the judges' panel.

With some costumes made from scratch from the skin out, others that were vintage wear, and still more that were assembled out of our attendees' closets, it was a glorious evening!

The original Adventuresses were in fine form in 2017, flushed with the joy of putting on a successful first Miss Fisher Con. It didn't take long before we were talking about doing it again!


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