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Miss Fisher Con FAQs and Convention Policies

Attending Miss Fisher Con

When can I register?

Registration for Miss Fisher Con is always open to members of the Adventuresses’ Club of the Americas first; we’ll open registration to the public no less than 30 days later. If you’re traveling with folks who don’t plan to attend the con, the evening events are great opportunities for family or friends to join in the fun.

What does registration cover?

The registration fees reflect the cost of the convention space, convention swag, food and beverage at the convention, and travel and lodging for any VIP guests. The Adventuresses’ Club of the Americas is committed to keeping costs as low as possible while still providing a fun, high-quality event.

What should I wear?

Our attendees follow Miss Fisher's advice to dress first and foremost for their own pleasure! If that means that you want to spend the weekend dolled up in your 1920s glam, or cosplay your favorite character of the show, or wear your favorite Miss Fisher t-shirt, the bottom line is you do you.

That said, if your costume includes a weapon, please make sure that it is nonfunctional; fit prop guns with an orange plug, and even blunted knives should be secured within a sheath, ideally so that they cannot be drawn. Any actions with regards to weapon props that are considered dangerous or cause distress to others around you will result in a request to put the props away; failure to comply may result in expulsion from the convention without refund. At its discretion, the hotel may not allow weapons that the convention would deem permissible. In such a case, hotel security may require you to put your weapon in your room or car.

What if I don’t know anybody?

Part of the fun of Miss Fisher Con is connecting with other fans. If you're a member of the Adventuresses' Club of the Americas, you can get a head start by joining the conversation in the ACotA Slack chat room. Member or not, if you want to put together a fan meetup in your area, be sure to let us know! We'd love to help you get the word out - you never know who might be a Miss Fisher fan!

Where can I find a ride to con or a roommate?

ACotA members can connect with other con-goers on our Slack channel (head over to our member benefits page to get in there). If you're not a member, connect with us on Facebook!

How do we know which celebrity guests will be there?

The Adventuresses’ Club of the Americas works to get in VIP guests each year, and who can attend is dependent on the guest’s schedule and associated costs (including travel, visa, and honorarium). We will announce the year’s guest to our members first, then will publicize via our general newsletter and our social media accounts; we’ll also post the information on the webpage for the year’s Miss Fisher Con.

Will the celebrity guest be signing autographs?

We will arrange a time at each con for our VIP guests to sign items in which their work appears or convention merchandise at no charge. They may bring their own items to sell in addition to those; attendees will not be required to purchase anything.

Autograph and photo sessions will be kept on a strict time limit to allow all who are attending the opportunity to meet our guests. Should our guests be willing to stay later than their scheduled times for further photos or autographs, when and for how long will be up to their discretion.

Is anyone going to be taking pictures?

Photographs of participants and their guests will be taken and posted on the Miss Fisher Con website and all accompanying social media platforms. We believe that the use of these photographs enhances the overall event experience for the participants, and the photographs will allow us to share some of the experience with the larger fandom. Under the circumstances, there is a real possibility that your photograph may be taken by the Adventuresses’ Club or fellow attendees and thereafter posted on the web.

By attending Miss Fisher Con, you give your consent to the posting of such photographs and waive all rights and claims with respect to those postings. We will not list names with the photos on our website, nor tag individuals on social media. If you would like your photo removed, please contact us. Please reference “MissFisherCon Photo” in the subject line and include the URL of the page your photo appears on and a description of the photo in question.

Attendees should be courteous about taking and posting photographs from the con wherever possible. Remember that not all attendees are entirely comfortable with their images appearing online; if you are asked to take an image down, we hope that you will oblige.

Can I bring my kids?

Miss Fisher Con is not recommended for children ages 18 and under. The event, including the discussion sessions, will be aimed at adult attendees and may contain mature subject matter.

Should you choose to bring a child to the convention, that child must be registered and accompanied at all times by a registered adult attendee. All mature content that child is exposed to is strictly the sole responsibility and liability of their accompanying adult.

The Adventuresses’ Club of the Americas and its members are not responsible for attendees’ costs involving travel, hotel accommodations, or any other non-convention ticket expenses that arise from any early departure or missed session due to the mature content.

I have a disability – how accessible is the con?

We hope that everyone will enjoy their time at Miss Fisher Con. Should you have questions about accessibility or to request ADA accommodations, please contact us. If given enough time before the con, we will be happy to address any accommodation requests. You can also contact the con hotel directly to ask specific questions about the facility.

I need to cancel my registration – can I get a refund?

Registration cancellations will be refunded at 100% minus a $5 fee until April 19, 2024; cancellations made between April 19 and May 20, 2024, will be refunded at 50%. No refunds will be issued after May 20, 2024.

The Adventuresses’ Club of the Americas and its members are not responsible for attendees’ costs involving travel, hotel accommodations, or any other non-convention ticket expenses.

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Being a part of Miss Fisher Con 

Can I volunteer?

As an all-volunteer committee, we can always use help at the con! We are open to volunteers who are also paid attendees, as well as those who wish to volunteer for part or all of the event. Volunteer roles include (but are not limited to):

  • As Chat Coordinator, you’ll be our ears on the virtual con sessions.  With technical skills in online chat environments, you will swiftly respond to messages from our virtual attendees.

  • As part of the event Friendly Faces team, you will provide directions to folks as they enter the event spaces, answer general event questions (don’t worry, we’ll provide you with answers), and be the “friendly face” of the event! 

  • Some tasks require a smile and more - the Event Glue team needs to staff event sessions, manage lines, support vendors, and keep the event tidy.
  • As a Check-in Assistantyou’ll work on the front lines of the event. With skills in customer service and hospitality, you will ensure a swift and friendly check-in process for our in-person guests.
  • As onsite Visual Media Support, you will ensure Miss Fisher Con stays in focus when on camera for our virtual attendees.
  • Do you have Specialty Skills that could be put to use at a dance session or the Masquerade? Pour yourself a cup of tea (or a Negroni) and do tell! We are all ears!

Please note: As a nonprofit, we cannot pay travel expenses or lodging for our volunteers; all volunteers are responsible for their own costs to get to and stay at Miss Fisher Con.

If you’d like to volunteer, contact us to learn how you can help!

Will Miss Fisher Con ever come to my town?

Members of the Adventuresses' Club of the Americas are given the chance every year to vote on which region of the US the next year's con will take place in. If you're not a member, join us today and have your say! Once a region is chosen, the Board will start taking proposals from our members for specific cities and volunteers. The Board will evaluate those proposals for several requirements, including:

  • An international airport 60 minutes or less from the con location, ideally with easy transportation to the con hotel.
  • A session space either within the con hotel or nearby that accommodates up to 200 attendees, provides professional A/V services, and offers catering options. An ideal meeting area will have historic period details or an intriguing signature feature.
  • Lodging options for attendees that meets their expectations within the expense budget. In past years, that has meant less than $300 per room that sleeps up to four.
  • Session space and lodging within walking distance of amenities such as restaurants, shopping, and attractions. It should also be centrally located for all other non-session activities (access to a reliable mass transit or alternative shuttle service for transport from one place to the next is an acceptable alternative).

Please note: The Board will assume that anyone who proposes a city for Miss Fisher Con is willing to be a part of the committee to make that con happen.

What does being on a con committee entail?

The con committee is a sub-committee of the ACotA Board - usually 2 or 3 people - that’s focused on the logistics for Miss Fisher Con, including hotel scouting, finding local organizations to partner with, and finding ways to spread the word locally, such as community calendars and local radio or tv programming. Ideally, at least one con committee member will have event-planning experience, such as organizing fundraisers, conferences, or even weddings.

Local committee members will meet monthly via phone with the rest of the Board, and as necessary with each other. We also use all the tools we can such as email and the ACotA Slack channel to keep up on critical or time-sensitive issues.

At the con itself, the members of the con committee will be a part of the event team, working with the Board to make sure that all of the details are taken care of.

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General questions

How can I make a donation to the Adventuresses’ Club of the Americas?

As a nonprofit, we love donations! Whether you’re thinking a monetary gift or a donation of goods or services for use in a fundraiser, we will happily accept. Either way, please go to our Contact or Donate page, which has a link to our PayPal and a way to email us. We’ll work out the details from there!


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